13 Minds, One Structure

As we are moving along with our Final Design, I feel it is important to speak to the methods in which we are communicating and how we are navigating 13 opinions for one final design.

Working with a group of two at times, let alone 13 people can be quite the challenge. It becomes an even bigger challenge when we have several students on Zoom due to illnesses. What it comes down to is our ability to communicate effectively and be sure everyone is active in the decision-making process.

We are dividing and conquering in many ways as some people are focusing on the structure, some on storage designs, and others are on the research of the greenhouse and solar panels. As we have moved through this “divide and conquer” process, we have found that ideas were moving in many different directions, and the studio felt we were regressing instead of progressing.

After yesterday’s studio, we’ve decided to still have members of the team focus on certain elements, but are creating more meeting points in between studios to touch base and collaborate on how everyone is progressing with their area of design. Communicating ideas, reservations, and what is working vs. not, is vital in making 13 minds work together to create one incredible design for Edith L. Frierson Elementary School.

Tomorrow we will finish up designing and move into a weekend where we are in full production mode!

Stay Tuned!

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