Got Structure?

Today, each of the teams have been hard at work so that we will be ready to combine our ideas tomorrow into one cohesive design to present to the students and faculty at Frierson Elementary on Monday. As part of the structure team, we had the task of figuring out a roof design and column spacing that would capture the most sunlight for the solar panels and greenhouse while providing enough shade for the students during class time.

We met Wednesday evening and discussed a few constraints such as building pad size and column spacing. We then worked individually throughout the night to produce a few different designs giving us multiple options. We met back up yesterday over zoom and put a few images of each design on our team’s Miro board for easy collaboration. We listed out the pros and cons of each design and have chosen a structure to progress with and present in class tomorrow.  Once the structure team finished talking, we met briefly with a few members of the other teams to see where we all stand for tomorrow. We each shared ideas for storage, seating and structure, and how they can all be incorporated into a cohesive design. We look forward to having this all combined into one model and sharing it on Monday.

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