Zoooming In


With few of us zooming-in yesterday, we continued the process of putting all our ideas together. Over the weekend, all three teams have been working on different conceptual design models with an orientation that we agreed on last week. All the teams presented their work yesterday. Later their pros and cons were weighed. 

Now with those ideas as fuel for the next two days, we are again divided into four groups to zoom into the project, working on different areas to keep the train moving. I was interested in working on the structural part of the pavilion. So, I joined the structural team with Alex, Gauge, Nicole and  Autumn. Krissy is working on the green house while Ayla, Andrew and Amanda are working on the programming. Nick, Seth and Jed will be working on the storage and furnishings.  On Wednesday, with the help of work from all the groups, we’ll be able to make a cohesive decision on the final design.  

Our group is currently working on different ways to get the desired roof pitch on the southern side for the solar panels to be efficient. We found an interesting roof with a diagonal ridge line from one of the precedents Gauge had. Each of us are working to find other options to get that tilt.  We’ll be meeting today to work on a unified structural system for the pavilion that is to be presented on Wednesday.


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