Clock’s Ticking

Today we started studio with discussing the plans for next two weeks as we have the first concrete pour scheduled for last weekend of the month. After the discussion we split into different groups and started tackling down the list to do one after another. Storage group started to finalize their material for their structure [...]

Fly high

After a week of research and rebuilding the kites, ITC students went back to the beach yesterday to test their kites. This time with proper bridles and tails the kites flew better. Amanda's kite flew the highest and attracted visitors from the beach. After experimenting the kites, we went back to studio to wrap up [...]

Cut, PUNCH, Grind, Weld!

After the counts and shop drawings were made, we placed the order last week and the steel got delivered on Monday right before Studio. We moved all the 20’ long extruded steel plates into the shop(Our home for next 40 days). It took almost an hour to get the assembly line prepared for Non- stop [...]

Zoooming In

                                             With few of us zooming-in yesterday, we continued the process of putting all our ideas together. Over the weekend, all three teams have been working on different conceptual design models with an orientation [...]


Today, as an initiative to give the students of Edith L. Frierson Elementary the exposure to architecture and design, we drove out to Frierson Elementary and helped the 4th and 5th grade kids to build a structure. The students quickly became familiar with the system, and built this amazing small little room. They split up [...]