Developing the Final Form

Last week, as mentioned in the blog post before, we presented our Small Group Designs to the students and teachers at Edith L. Frierson Elementary School. Not only did our studio present our four design concepts, but the students at the elementary school also presented drawings they crafted in class to help us program the space specifically for their needs and wants. The teachers and school staff also gave us helpful criticism to further exploration on their needs as well. Now moving forward.. last Friday we worked through these design concepts as a studio to help move towards the final form that we will present to the school next Monday on the 28th. The difficult process has officially begun! To create the final form, we as a studio will combine the four concepts from the Small Group Design phase as well as incorporate the comments from the teachers, staff, and students who will be using the space. After working through the design options and commentary we have successfully chosen the placement of our two structures on site as well as locate some key program elements such as the greenhouse and solar panel placements. After agreeing on some basic design elements for the pavilion as a studio, we decided to break into three small groups to finetune some program over the weekend. My group specifically decided to focus on exploring site placement and program on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Once we agreed simutansouly on that, we met again Saturday night to start exploring façade design and structural elements regarding the site placement we finalized. After laying down some principal design guidelines, Gauge crafted a conceptual study model to put our ideas into a 3D representation. On Sunday morning, we met again to discuss the model as well as have a design charrette through the use of miro board. On miro board we were able to all draw and sketch our ideas at the same time. This was very helpful to finalize all of our design decisions we made as well as further discuss them as a group. We now have a miro board that shows our design thought process and showcases precedents that influenced our decisions. Going forward, we will present our new conceptual revit model and miro board to the rest of our studio on Monday to showcase our ideas as well as try to pull them on board with our thought process.

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