Collaboration and team work makes the dream work!

What makes a project successful you ask? It is collaboration and team work! Designing and constructing a project with a fast time line is not possible unless there is clear communication and comradery within the team completing the work. I believe this is the largest lesson we are learning from our community build studio while [...]

We aren’t shoppin, we’re drawin.

Team members working in revit to complete the shop drawings. On Monday, during studio time, our team continued pushing the shop drawings, so we can have instructions for preparing and producing the materials for the structure. We are analyzing each member of both structures as well as the trellis to create instructions for cutting, welding, [...]

Developing the Final Form

Last week, as mentioned in the blog post before, we presented our Small Group Designs to the students and teachers at Edith L. Frierson Elementary School. Not only did our studio present our four design concepts, but the students at the elementary school also presented drawings they crafted in class to help us program the [...]

It’s show time!!

It is research presentation day! Today, we travel as a studio to Wadmalaw to present our research to Edith L. Frierson Elementary School students and teachers. The presentation will showcase what our team has learned through precedent studies as well as show what we know about Wadmalaw and its community. Not only will we be [...]