We aren’t shoppin, we’re drawin.

Team members working in revit to complete the shop drawings.

On Monday, during studio time, our team continued pushing the shop drawings, so we can have instructions for preparing and producing the materials for the structure. We are analyzing each member of both structures as well as the trellis to create instructions for cutting, welding, nailing, and assembling. Each team member is tackling a set of drawings to completion! Completing these drawings will get us one step closer to breaking ground on the site. We are so excited to begin the building process and are looking forward to installation.

While some team members are finishing up the show drawings, other students are beginning the process of assembling in the shop. They are cutting the vertical steel members to the correct size, so they will be ready for installation when the time comes. Students are also practicing their welding skills to anticipate the welding heavy trellis we will be constructing soon enough!  

Students using a bandsaw to cut steel angle.

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