Trellis Mock + Site Lines… check!

This weekend the community Build studio split up into two groups, team “mock up” and team “site lines”. Team Mock up worked in the shop preforming welds, angle grinding, and wood cutting to assemble a mock up of our trellis design. Pictured below is a full scale mock up of a portion of the trellis that is part of the overall trellis design.  We will be touching base with our professor David Pastre on Monday to see what changes may need to be made along with some more material acquisitions. As of right now, it’s safe to say this beast of a trellis isn’t going anywhere!

Jed, Amanda, Nicole, Alex, Jerome, and Johnny (not pictured: Autumn, Gauge, and Ayla) worked on the Trellis Mock up.

The other portion of the class made their way out to our site to start creating site lines for our pavilion, trellis, and posts. That way we can be ready to start digging to set our foundations. Our classmate Andrew made the cover image demonstrating how we dimensioned out a set of strings (in relationship to our site plans) and then painted underneath. The red paint represents the centerline of our trellis and edges of our concrete slabs. This was a tedious process but needs to be as precise as possible. A photo of the final site lines is below. More to come soon!

Seth, Krissy, Andrew & Nick worked on site lines

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