Weekend Welding

This weekend was the first of what I expect to be many long ones.  We met up at 8 o'clock in the morning to learn how to cut, grind, and weld the metal that we'll be working with.  This is important for things such as the caster system for the desk and bar and the [...]


Things are starting to come along on the Vat Shack as the framing has begun to take shape. As stated in the previous post we are measuring 3 times before we cut because this is a precise process. With the majority of the framing up we can start measuring, cutting and welding the steel grate [...]

Teamwork and Support

We have acquired a significant amount of our materials and the metal work process is going well. As a class we are efficiently taking turns welding, cutting, and grinding metal down to create our structural system. We have a system that is working to great affect. We have put down our sleepers which are horizontal [...]

Building the Base

Wednesday was an exciting day for us here at the workshop! After the first shipment of steel came in Tuesday, we dove right into measuring out the new pieces of steel and marking up the trailer. We decided to divide and conquer and so two of us continued using angle grinders and cutting discs to [...]

Supplies Are Coming In

It's an exciting time at the shop. Pastre has been talking to companies about donating materials for the project, and they are coming in now. We've gotten some steel tube, steel angle, and the steel grate. These supplies will be used for the floor foundation and the flooring. We're using steel tube for the sleepers that [...]

Welding: The Craft

After a somewhat frustrating few weeks, Studio V is ready to release some steam. In order to do this, we're going to weld! For a group of 7 undergraduate architecture students, construction is a mystery. Because of this, the last few weeks of working on construction documents have been extremely frustrating. We are all pretty [...]


Over the weekend we were shown how to use a plasma cutter in order to remove the pieces we don’t need on the trailer and start building on top of it. It rained on us Sunday so we couldn’t dive into it as we planned, but today we will be getting to work on the [...]

If you ain’t burnin’, you ain’t learnin’!

The chassis had been ground down and de-rusted using a special chemical that changed the iron oxide into iron phosphate. This stabilized the steel and prepared it for reinforcements to be welded on. The way the chassis is constructed, there are two larger beams that run the full length from front to back, with flanges jutting [...]