the devil is in the details

Good Morning Everyone. I want to catch you all up on the design for the Conservancy's headquarters at Magnolia Community Garden. This past week we all accomplished a lot and mostly wrapped up the design portion of the project. We began focusing more on the structural aspects and started researching materials to further understand how [...]

Magnolia Community Gardens – Urban Center

Good morning everyone! This has been quite a productive week. On Monday, me and the other two students continuing to work on the design of the Conservancy's headquarters met with them to discuss our progress and present our ideas. During the first presentation in September, the Conservancy discussed what their ideal headquarters would be. Based [...]

Urban Horticulture Center Part 2

While the "in-person" students jump into their new schemes of the bridge for Forest Park, myself and two other virtual students continue to dive deeper into our design for the urban horticulture center. Last week was our first full week tackling the project individually. We began by setting up a schedule for the remainder of [...]

From The Ground Up

Yesterday, we had our first internal review which gave us a chance to see everyone’s progress after choosing specific site strategies at the end of last week.  It is interesting to see what everyone thinks will work best for the site and for the needs of the Conservancy. After some overall site analysis of West [...]

Plans and Schedules

“We’ve got information, now what?!” After a successful online meeting with members of the Charleston Parks Conservancy on Friday, which provided us with valuable information and answered many pertinent questions, we all had a better understanding of their wants and needs for the urban horticulture center. However, now that we received information, we needed a [...]