Phase 2: The Design

Good morning,

Today begins the first day of phase 2 on the Frierson Elementary Pavilion. We’ve spent the last week and a half in research mode focusing on site analysis, demographics, the history of Montessori education, and precedent studies. All of which are pertinent to creating an outdoor classroom that fits the needs of the students and faculty.

Now, we’re switching gears and turning our attention to the design. Four teams have been selected to give the faculty a diverse range of ideas that can be utilized in the creation of the final product. We’ll be beginning class today with a design charrette to get the creative juices flowing and share ideas. Based on the information we’ve been given by the school and research that we have conducted, we’ll be deciding on elements we think will best fit the program for the pavilion, its orientation to the garden, and an appropriate size to be used by all ages.

After spending Wednesday watching how excited the students are about the project, we are even more eager to get started on the design process and present our ideas in the upcoming weeks.

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