Here’s to New Beginnings!

The new year has officially begun at the Clemson Design Center and thirteen new students in the Community-Build Studio are off to an exciting start. A few students are past participants of the Community-Build Studio, but there are a few newcomers on the team as well. We kicked off the week with orientation last Tuesday and quickly became situated in our new home at the Cigar Factory as we jumped into our first studio meeting on Wednesday. We began with introductions, not only to each other, but to the importance of the Community-Build Studio and its impact on the surrounding area.

To get a better understanding of this impact, we visited several past projects around the Charleston area including pavilions at Medway Park, Forest Park, Corrine Jones Park, Magnolia Park, and a few others. We focused our attention on Medway Park and Forest Park for clean up and repairs. On Friday, teams were formed, and a few students went to each location. We spent a great part of Friday afternoon and throughout the weekend learning to appreciate the craft and details of these projects, to work as a team, and to manage our time for the impending weather. This week, we will continue working on these past projects and look forward to designing one of our own to add to the studio’s portfolio.

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