Crossing the Finish Line

For most, the end of the semester means studying for exams, finalizing drawing sets, and preparing presentation boards. For the community build gang finals week holds a different tradition – its installation week. Most of the semester has been spent drawing, designing, planning, budgeting, measuring, cutting, and welding. It is this last week when we finally see our project come together and our pavilion has nearly appeared overnight. The team has been working on-site for nearly a month now working on the concrete slab but with most of that underground, there hasn’t been much to show for our work so far until this week.

As of today most of the structure is standing. Tonight and tomorrow morning we will finish the metal roof installation as well as all of the built-in pieces. This includes benches, planters, and countertops. With our final review inside the pavilion tomorrow afternoon, we were hoping to get everything installed today but the unexpected rain caused some last-minute delays.

As the team hustles and bustles pulling everything together between the shop and the site, documentation of the semester is also being put together behind the scenes. This document will be used as reference for future cohorts just as we used documentation from other projects at the start of the semester. As of now, the document is 104 pages and contains everything from research at the very beginning of the semester to step-by-step explanations and photos of construction.

As a final note to close out this semester, we would like to thank our project partners as well as some key individuals who dedicated their time. This project would not have been possible without you.

The City of Charleston Parks Department

Jason Kronsberg

Seth Maddox

Wes Chappell

The Charleston Parks Conservancy

Leslie Wade

Tom Mcguire

Courtney Olson

Kellen Goodell


Reverend King and family

as well as

Kim Morganello, Clemson University water extension agent

John Moore, our structural engineer

and all of the Ardmore-Sherwood Forest community members that provided guidance and feedback. This project would not have been possible without you.

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