Hello, My Name is…

Now that we in the groove of being students again after our summer off, I thought that we should officially introduce ourselves. Not just as the Community Build class, which has been done on this blog as well as at community meetings now, but as the individuals that have each chosen to spend this semester [...]

Virtual Collaboration

How do you work on a team when it is impossible to physically work alongside your teammates? In all studios, but especially Community Build, we rely so heavily on collaboration, communication, and coordination - three things that seemed impossible when first faced with social distancing. In any previous time period, continuing our studio-based education would [...]

Material World

Yesterday was one of those defining moments in our project where we realized just how real our projects really are. We met with structural engineer John Moore and started to get into specifics about materials, connections, and assembly. At this point our projects are fairly defined, we have solid concepts and broad designs that everybody involved [...]

The takeover of the conference rooms

Our studio, while mostly open, is flanked by two small conference rooms. These conference rooms have one wall that is entirely glass that looks out to the main hallway of the studio space which is currently housing three separate studio sections (one of which is our community build Studio V). Throughout the semester we have [...]

Hello, my name is…

It’s hard to believe that we are already closing out our first month of the semester; time has been flying by for us over here at the C.D.C. This week has been full of milestones with one of the biggest ones coming up this afternoon. This afternoon is our first meeting with the Charleston Parks [...]