Plans and Schedules

“We’ve got information, now what?!”

After a successful online meeting with members of the Charleston Parks Conservancy on Friday, which provided us with valuable information and answered many pertinent questions, we all had a better understanding of their wants and needs for the urban horticulture center. However, now that we received information, we needed a plan in order to execute our task of creating a comprehensive packet for the Conservancy.

First, we created a general calendar for the next few weeks in order to stay on track. We also divided the studio into three groups: site, history, and the conservancy. This allowed us to narrow our focus while enhancing the studio’s efficiency. With this, we dove into researching our particular topics over the weekend and combined all of our findings into one document.

On Monday, we reconvened and discussed our research. We also began creating a more intricate calendar to keep us on schedule and to provide details on what should be completed each day. Once this was complete, we looked at previous research projects and established our presentation layout. After we talked through these priorities as a group, we broke up into our smaller sections and decided what information would be most important to convey graphically to the Conservancy.

This was another productive workday which brought us one step closer to generating a final packet which will help in the design of the horticulture center.

Site PlanMagnolia Park and Community Garden

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