(Web) Site Strategies

While the gears start turning in Studio V as another semester kicks off, some of us are taking care of some slight house keeping duties to keep our website updated with some of the previous years’ projects. Last semester we were able to start off by physically revisiting, fixing, and cleaning up some of the past Community Build projects, and it was a great introduction to what the Community Build studio is capable of and what sorts of projects they have completed in the past. With the constraints imposed by mandated virtual teaching at this point of the semester,  that kind of start is not within our reach, however this work on the website has somewhat filled that role for us. It is humbling and riveting to follow along with some of the previous projects and see how the design was shaped and influenced as the semester progressed. This overhaul to some parts of the website have filled that role in this case, as we get to read and write about the past projects.

If you have made it to reading this blog post, no doubt you have already managed to find our website, however take some time to read over some of the past project.s. As we begin to do some more work for the Charleston Parks Conservancy this semester, connecting with the strategies that were employed in past student projects will help get primed for another semester of creative design work.

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