Magnolia Community Gardens – Urban Center

Good morning everyone! This has been quite a productive week. On Monday, me and the other two students continuing to work on the design of the Conservancy’s headquarters met with them to discuss our progress and present our ideas. During the first presentation in September, the Conservancy discussed what their ideal headquarters would be. Based on that information, we set off on our design and were excited to show them our progress on Monday. All three of us had several different ideas and program layouts for the Conservancy to view.  It was a successful presentation and we received tons of feedback that will help us in completing our design.

On Wednesday, we discussed what we heard at the presentation and collected our thoughts together. We came up with a few questions that still remained and sent them to the Conservancy. In the mean time, we have been making adjustments to our designs to better benefit the Conservancy and the surrounding community.

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