Operation Mock Up!

Over the weekend a few of our Studio V members where working in the shop to construct a mock up of our truss system.

Mock Up 1:

We began with a half-sized scale truss and went through all the steps it would take to fully construct our sandwiching of layers and members. Throughout this time we were able to work through the process of  while revising our shop drawings to be more cohesive and understandable. After the first mock up we discovered that our inner chord members need more bracing during their glue drying process in order to maintain the correct angles. We also took a look at strengthening the bottom most inner chords by making them one solid piece.  Here are some photos from our first mock up.

Mock Up 2:

Although Mock Up two took ALL day to complete, we found that it will be very successful after we perfect the shop drawings. This go around we created a “boomerang” bottom inner chord to strengthen the over all truss system. In the process we decided we would test our bolt through connecting points along the truss. We found that pre-drilling all the holes for our bolt through connections would be our best option moving forward. This will prolong the initial stage of cutting all our pieces and pre-drilling the holes, but it will make for a easy assembly in the end. After Mock Up 2 we feel that we have gotten a handle on the process of building our truss system while finding the best methods of building it.

Along with mock ups, we also began stringing the site for where our concrete slab will be on the site. The whole crew helped measure, put up stakes, string, and paint the outline of the slab!

Today we will begin making templates to locate all the holes we are going to pre-drill and also have a more precise template for the angles are pieces are cut at. We are excited to get those moving forward and hopefully begin preparing the site for our concrete pours happening soon!

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