Let’s Get it Started

Over the weekend the whole team was out doing site work. This included laying down our measurements for our slab. We also started taking out bush limbs that would be too in the way. We also did a quick spray paint of our slab and where the structural bays would go. It was really cool to see the plan exist in our site and it helped us envision some ideas for the program. This weekend we also finalized our construction schedule. We hope to break ground on Wednesday!

On Monday everyone was busy working hard on mock ups. There is a truss team and programming team. The programming team is working to create a way to make tool storage, kitchen storage, benches, and counters all out of one system. Formwork in the concrete piers will allow them to be interchangeable. It took a lot of iterations to get to something we are ready to test . We are bringing this baby to life this week through making mock ups and refining them.

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