The beginning of construction!

Today marks the beginning of construction. It’s taken a lot to get to this point. We’ve made “real” construction drawings, which was the first time for numerous of my classmates; myself included, made “mock-ups” of certain aspects of our design, we’ve presented to the client Green Heart plenty, and we’ve also presented to the BAR; which actually went well. The BAR itself was an experience, and this entire process thus far has been one for the books. To add to that, we spent the past weekend marking our site and getting a feel to how the space of our structure will actually feel. It’s not as spacious as I thought; or as it would seem on paper, however it still feels pretty comfortable. This morning we’re scheduled to start cutting/trimming any existing bushes that are in the way of our structure. We’re also suppose to dig today, so it should be a pretty eventful day. Nonetheless, it’s time to get at it!



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