Rebar Queens

I think I can speak for many of us when I say there is a certain level of pride and satisfaction one takes in the physical feats of strength that test you in this studio. In taking this studio a second time around there were two situations I personally was looking forward to again – cutting rebar and the concrete pour.

Last year, myself and Taylor were rebar amateurs. Although I firmly believe there is a simpler more modern method to this madness, we enjoy the madness. Last semester we tore our hands apart and couldn’t walk for days as we jumped, pulled, and slammed ourselves around to cut the pieces. But we walked away stronger, much more appreciative of what goes into that “simple” concrete slab we stand on and much smarter about how to go about cutting rebar if we ever had to in our future…

Well, here we are in the future… cutting rebar… again. We made sure to organize our pieces, mark the first ones length, save a subsequent piece as we cut to measure the next and get a system going. We made sure to communicate with one another, “ready, one, two, three,” to work together to use our (immense) strength to cut each piece. With every piece cut there was that feeling of satisfaction in seeing our strength and hand in how this structure will be built and in how we did it as a team. We walked away for the day just a little exhausted, dirty, and bloody (she may have stabbed me once with the rebar) but most importantly… we walked away dubbed the rebar queens.

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