Because I Love It

"How is your semester going?" This weekend was Thanksgiving break, a time for those of us with little sanity left to rejuvenate ourselves before charging through the final days of the semester. As important and joyous as those days can be, it's honestly painful to reflect back to school and answer how the semester is [...]

Prep Now, Struggle Less Later

After today we'll have our piers in place! In honor of our last concrete pour I thought I'd change the subject and bring the truss assembly back into the conversation. As these piers were placed accurately to fit the programming, they have also been placed to make sure that they receive legs of the truss. [...]

Rebar Queens

I think I can speak for many of us when I say there is a certain level of pride and satisfaction one takes in the physical feats of strength that test you in this studio. In taking this studio a second time around there were two situations I personally was looking forward to again - [...]


The weekend is here, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do! After our meeting with the Structural Engineer and reflecting on some discussions from Monday’s client review there are some adjustments to be made as we really begin to get into Construction Documents. Along with this we also have further preparation for our [...]

Studio V Unite!

Monday was the Community Build Studios small group review. As one of the three students who is taking this studio again, I’d like to add a personal reflection. The Spring 2019 small group review was held as a more formal presentation, with overall feedback at the end. But this time around we briefed the attendees [...]

Phase I: Complete

1.5 weeks into the semester and Phase I has been complete, Research and Analysis. Friday the studio had our review and discussion with members from the Housing Authority, The Greenheart Project, and local schools attending. In reading previous posts you can see the 1.5 weeks leading up to this were spent getting a grip on [...]

The End Is Almost Here

Today is a big day. Today is the day the final major elements get completed. This week has been critical, as people have been working hard to get all elements left prepped and in place. Originally, Thursday the 25th was set to be the "shovels down" day. Unfortunately, that did not happen. As we have [...]

Concrete Pour

"CONCRETE'S HERE!" - Dave Pastre After a long weekend of adjusting the formwork and pumping water again, and again, and maybe again from the rain the site was officially prepped. While all that was going on groups were in the shop working hard to put together the formwork for the "clutter in the gutter" (storage, [...]

CD’s ✓

What a week it’s been. The Corrine Jones CD set was officially sent to the structural engineer yesterday, Thursday March 14. I thought that day would never come. Round after round of red lines, a back and forth about construction and methods, and quite a few nights of minimal sleep. But the set is drafted [...]

Studio Bonding

If you’ve been keeping up with us the last couple of days, you know that yesterday we presented our overall design for Corrine Jones Park Pavilion. After presenting, as you may know from Aaron's spot on post, we had a debrief of what was discussed with everyone there. We began to work through some of [...]