Phase I: Complete

1.5 weeks into the semester and Phase I has been complete, Research and Analysis.

Friday the studio had our review and discussion with members from the Housing Authority, The Greenheart Project, and local schools attending. In reading previous posts you can see the 1.5 weeks leading up to this were spent getting a grip on the site, understanding and respecting its history, context and people, gaining knowledge on gardens and markets, and searching for initial inspiration.

This work will not only be the backing of what we do moving forward, but was a point to provoke conversation with those at the review. This way, we could gain an understanding of how to move forward into Phase II: Small Group Designs.

The studio will now divide into four teams of three. This will be a point for us to express creativity and show our client what is possible while mindfully applying their wants and needs and respecting the historic significance of the Enston Home.

In doing so the following list are some general takeaways. Stay tuned to see what comes from this over the next couple weeks and in our review September 16th!

  • Altering the raised bed layout to reflect the existing angles on the site
  • Creating a “movable” or “operative” display area for the market stand
  • Multi-functional design features for efficiency
  • A space conducive for processing, storing, displaying, and teaching
  • Prioritizing the residents in planning and history in designing
  • A variety of and ample surfaces are needed
    • screens (drying), tables (learning), working (cooking), transaction (market function), display (cold and open air)

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