The weekend is here, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do!

After our meeting with the Structural Engineer and reflecting on some discussions from Monday’s client review there are some adjustments to be made as we really begin to get into Construction Documents. Along with this we also have further preparation for our BAR-S presentation.

Moving into the weekend our four focuses will be: analyzing the spacing between the truss layers, iterating the truss (again) to scale the structure up slightly, program adjustments, and work for the BAR-S presentation.

Initial iteration
Impromptu structural engineer discussion
Design presented to client
Structural engineer meeting

The goal is to complete these tasks by Sunday so we can truly get to work on CDs and final tweaks to perfect the design!

Oh, by the way, CDs are due one week from today as well with mock up and fabrication rapidly approaching! Bring on the “weekend”!

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