The End Is Almost Here

Today is a big day. Today is the day the final major elements get completed.

This week has been critical, as people have been working hard to get all elements left prepped and in place. Originally, Thursday the 25th was set to be the “shovels down” day. Unfortunately, that did not happen. As we have learned all too well throughout this semester mistakes happen and setbacks occur. If they didn’t occur, as Professor Pastre informed me yesterday after my DEEPLY frustrating roofing mistake, “If everything went right all the time, we wouldn’t learn anything.” Luckily we had people working all day, literally from the crack of dawn to dark to keep things moving and mediate all the issues that arose.

In the end we were able to have all the louvers prepped for install this morning, clutter in the gutter nearly complete, vertical gardens ready to install, and half of the roof done!

Hawraa and Taylor a couple days ago cutting and prepping for the install of the clutter yesterday.

Vertical gardens painted and drying.

Louvers painted and drying for install this morning and afternoon

Today is the day, the day we push to get these major elements up and are truly able to see the piece we’ve worked so hard to design and build. Today is the end of the semester before finals week and what a semester it has been.

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