Clutter in the Gutter

The “clutter in the clutter” is what we’ve lovingly deemed the central spine that sits under the gutter and will hold functional items between slabs of concrete.

Central Organizational Elements

The “clutter” was organized using a series of ten concrete slabs that are spaced evenly between the columns. The concrete slabs were created with slots that will accommodate organizational elements such as wheel barrow storage, cabinet space, counter tops a sink for vegetable washing and seating. Vertical gardens behind these elements will provide shade for the hot South Carolina sun as well structural support for the pavilion.

Because of the weight of each slab, about 400 pounds each, the placement had to be done with the help of a Genie Lift. Each slab was lifted and place with a rod and epoxy attaching it firmly in place to the concrete. It was hard work placing these heavy slabs, but to see them all perfectly aligned ready to receive final storage details, it was worth it!


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