Clutter in the Gutter

The "clutter in the clutter" is what we've lovingly deemed the central spine that sits under the gutter and will hold functional items between slabs of concrete. The "clutter" was organized using a series of ten concrete slabs that are spaced evenly between the columns. The concrete slabs were created with slots that will accommodate [...]

FORM work

Since most of us have not had experience building form work for concrete pours, there was a lot to learn. One important thing we found out during the process is that well built form work is the KEY to success in any concrete pour. Concrete is heavy, weighing about 150 pounds per cubic foot. That [...]

Bibimbap and CD sets

With the excitement of spring break around the corner, the crew got together for a meal of " bibimbap" prepared by one of our team members, Ryan. Because we are all working together on on such a tight timeline, it was nice for the group to get together and share a meal in a setting [...]

Community Design Sharing Event

Sharing the concepts with the community One of the greatest things about participating in the design of the garden pavilion at Corrine Jones Park is the ability to share with the future gardeners, kids and users of the park the design concepts we've created. A group of us attended an event this past Saturday, the [...]

An Observation

Last week, my design group and I went to Corrine Jones Park and sat in the barely there spring grass, catching the sun in the future site of the garden. We watched the families push their kids in strollers next to the basketball courts. The moms help their young kids go down the slide. The [...]

Onto the Designing!

This past Friday, January, 18th, we had our first chance to present to the Charleston Parks Conservancy with our analysis of the garden site in Corinne Jones Park. So what exactly does it take to design a community garden? A lot of us in Studio V are not from the Charleston area and in order [...]