Community Design Sharing Event

Sharing the concepts with the community

One of the greatest things about participating in the design of the garden pavilion at Corrine Jones Park is the ability to share with the future gardeners, kids and users of the park the design concepts we’ve created. A group of us attended an event this past Saturday, the 23rd of March, to promote the garden and shared several of the concepts we have been working on. It was well attended and the general consensus was that everyone is very excited about having a community garden in the neighborhood. It was fun for us to hear all of the questions and interest that everyone expressed. They ranged from “How big is it?” to some creative suggestions on improvements to the design. Below are some images of models representing the four different concepts. We are currently trying to achieve, what seems sometimes the un-achievable, which is combing these into one cohesive design. 

Concept 1
Concept 2
Concept 3
Concept 4

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