Studio Bonding

If you’ve been keeping up with us the last couple of days, you know that yesterday we presented our overall design for Corrine Jones Park Pavilion. After presenting, as you may know from Aaron’s spot on post, we had a debrief of what was discussed with everyone there. We began to work through some of the big-ticket item issues before it was time to go home and “rest”. It’s been a busy and tense couple of weeks, but there’s no stopping now!

Last night Studio V got together to further discuss the review. Beyond what we learned regarding the design, we learned something else. Something about the design process we will be going through. It can be a challenge to bring a group’s ideas together as one. Everyone works and thinks differently, opinions vary, and ideas don’t always mesh as perfectly as we would like them to. But we learned communication and collaboration is key. We are all individuals and have our strengths but to complete this project we have to bring those strengths together. Even if moving forward we break into groups to try to fire out solutions we have to bring it all back together. That means lots of bonding in studio to become a unit, to embody the “studio squadron”.

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