Concrete Pour

“CONCRETE’S HERE!” – Dave Pastre

After a long weekend of adjusting the formwork and pumping water again, and again, and maybe again from the rain the site was officially prepped. While all that was going on groups were in the shop working hard to put together the formwork for the “clutter in the gutter” (storage, sink, seating). While others were cutting, grinding, and welding steel. After three productive days we were officially ready for the concrete pour.

Aaron and Hawraa finishing up the last box of form work.

The pour began at noon on Monday and by five we had a smooth slab! Don’t be fooled though, those 5 hours were a lot of work as well. As the concrete was poured it had to be raked back and shoveled around to fill the space. As that was moving along 3-4 people had to quickly but carefully work to screed the concrete. This was to level out all the lumps and begin to smooth the surface. Someone then followed along with a jitterbug to in a sense tamp out the surface and further level out any pockets or lumps that the screeding could not. Might I add, this was quite a messy jab as concrete splattered up COVERING the person doing it (sorry Ryan).  Professor Pastre then brought up the rear to float the rest and finish the surface as a few others touched up the edges.

There was also a group bouncing back and forth swapping out with those of us losing strength (it was hard work, ask our hands). Some of these people were a part of the clutter in the gutter group and were guiding the truck to pour into the forms they created.

It was quite the day, but I am truly proud of all we accomplished recently and am excited to see everything built and going up from this point on. A few weeks left and we should have a full structure! Stay tuned!

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