Busy Weekend in the Shop

This weekend we spent a lot of time in the shop welding and getting pieces ready for today’s concrete pour.  That included putting together form-work.  Form-work is tricky because you have to think about things in reverse.  Thankfully our clutter-in-the-gutter team had it all figured out so we just had to focus on cutting and assembling.  When we got in on Saturday we divided into teams, one team worked on site, one on welding, and one on form-work.  In all it took our team of 3 the whole day to build 10 forms, with a little help from our welding crew once they had finished their welding.  Our site crew spent most of the weekend draining water from the site.  Heavy rains over the weekend flooded our site and required using a sump pump to get excess water out.  We are now three weeks away from the end of the semester and all the parts and piece are slowly coming together.  I am confident that this is going to be one awesome project when it’s all said and done!  Stay tuned for more progress!

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