All The Pieces Are Coming Together

The rafters, the gutter, the clutter, the purlins, the gate have all been getting installed/fabricated this week.  After many long days our pavilion is starting to take form.  As we work on site we are constantly stopped by visitors asking and complimenting our structure.  The excitement for this project is building and we all anticipate [...]

Busy Weekend in the Shop

This weekend we spent a lot of time in the shop welding and getting pieces ready for today's concrete pour.  That included putting together form-work.  Form-work is tricky because you have to think about things in reverse.  Thankfully our clutter-in-the-gutter team had it all figured out so we just had to focus on cutting and [...]

Engineering a Custom Gutter

Water collection is a main premise for our design, therefore the gutter was specially designed to move water from the butterfly roofs, across the structure, to the water cistern on the south-end.  We decided to orient seating and storage underneath the gutter to create a clean, organized space.  We started to call this "Clutter in [...]

Checking the Community Pulse

Today we presented our final design direction for the community pavilion project. This event was open to community members, the parks conservancy, and other collaborators. The studio worked all weekend synthesizing a design that was a culmination of all four individual projects. Through our discussion we learned what the participants liked, and what more they [...]

What inspires design

Precedent studies are very valuable in designing, not only can they inspire design, but they can also demonstrate the possibility and practicality of design. As we push forward with small group designs, my group has been interested in the play of light in a structure. Not only this but we are looking at the way [...]

The Path Less Taken

SITE OPTION PROPOSAL - PLAN VIEW As we begin our independent designs there are a lot of factors to consider for this project, who will use it? Where will they enter? How do we address existing conditions, paths, shade? That is when the designer whips out a roll of trace, grabs their over-priced markers, and [...]