What inspires design

Precedent studies are very valuable in designing, not only can they inspire design, but they can also demonstrate the possibility and practicality of design. As we push forward with small group designs, my group has been interested in the play of light in a structure. Not only this but we are looking at the way we can integrate the curve from the previous build into this project. The project below is an example of how architecture can play with light and shadow to create a memorable experience.

This is probably a good time to mention the difference between shade and shelter. While a structure like this can be effective in providing shade, it is easily penetrable by rain. Charleston, SC receives 51″ of rain a year, which means that our structure would have to provide shelter, or protection from rain. The ideas of this structure can still be manifested in our design, which is why we consider it a precedent study. For instance we would explore vertical dividers or louvers to play with light or divide space. We could use transparent roofing material to allow light in from above and protect from rain. The possibilities are endless, stay tuned!

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