If you’ve been keeping up with the blog the last week or so you know that Studio V is well underway with small group designs. With just three days until we present the pressure is on.

Friday we were freed of our slaving studio responsibilities early due to prior obligations with our leader (aka David Pastre). Which meant our partial class trip to Savannah, Georgia for the weekend could begin! WOO! What a great break it was. But sadly, considering this, we were summoned to come in today. Oh, what a fine Sunday. *cue Megan running away in an old-school car back to Savannah with sad back to reality music*

As sad as we all were to come into studio, it seemed to be a highly productive day. Modeling, sketching, collecting materials, and discussing – all to further our designs and push for that deadline.

Deadlines for architecture students many times (basically always) mean being “done” but not being “finished”. Yes, there is a difference. With design you could go on forever solving a problem. In school time is limited, you have to learn to push yourself but also work together. Studio V has a semester for the whole process and until Wednesday for small group designs. The deadline is set for 8 pm Tuesday, time to kick it into high gear! The end is near!

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