Cutting Rafters and Welding Brackets

This week we are busy in the shop cutting the rafters down to size and creating the metal brackets that will connect the rafters to the gutter beam. We are also on site marking out on our newly poured slab where the columns will go. It’s a nice change of pace after what felt like two weeks of nothing but digging. We have the blisters to prove it.

Welding the brackets has been an exciting development and Nicole has established herself as a master welder. Seriously, she doesn’t mess around. She’s the only one out of the group able to meet the standard for quality. These custom made brackets are going to be a fantastic detail in the final result.

Cutting the rafters down to size has included creating a pocket at the gutter end for these brackets to slip into. At times it seems like this work is a little painstaking, but we think this clean detail will be worth it in the end. We are also working on cutting the tapered ends to give the structure a lighter feel.

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