Touching Up Paint

Yesterday we were busy touching up the paint on the purlins, the vertical gardens, and the louvers. In moving and sliding the purlins during installation some of them got a little scratched up. A few hours of touching up paint and they look great again. I think we are all happy with the reddish brown [...]

Shop Drawings and Material Takeoffs

This week we are busy calculating material quantities so we can begin to purchase the major components of the structure. Big ticket items include concrete, rebar, wood framing, and fasteners. Utilizing 3D modeling we are able to accurately estimate material volumes, areas, and lengths. We are also parsing out the columns and rafters to create [...]

Hashing It Out

On Friday we met with John Moore, our structural engineering consultant. It was a very informative meeting that brought to light a lot of good things to consider. Much of the time was spent on the details of the gutter, the centerpiece of our design. Yesterday we all met as a group to hash out [...]

Small Group Review

Yesterday we presented our small group designs to the Parks Conservancy, community members, and Charleston's Chief Building Official. An incredibly helpful discussion followed our presentations where we learned more and more about what the best direction might be. One of the highlights of yesterday's presentation was the models that each team created. When it comes [...]

The Team

We are all diligently working on our individual design options for this Friday's presentation. But let me ask you, are you tired of seeing images of trace paper with staged pens/pencils? Us too. So I want to take the opportunity this week to tell you a little bit more about us. In the haste of [...]