Touching Up Paint

Roberto touching up the purlins

Yesterday we were busy touching up the paint on the purlins, the vertical gardens, and the louvers. In moving and sliding the purlins during installation some of them got a little scratched up. A few hours of touching up paint and they look great again. I think we are all happy with the reddish brown color palette that compliments the LVL rafters and beams. The vertical gardens also had some minor scratches that a few brush strokes returned to looking brand new. The louvers received primer where they had been scratched and cut to length.




The other major activity that happened this week was the installation of the sink skirt to conceal the plumbing below and the slats behind the storage. This involved field measuring the distance between the concrete elements to get a snug fit for the wood pieces. 2×4 backers had to be installed so these slats had something to screw into.

Megan and Cam working on the storage slats
Cam working on the sink skirt









We are all very excited for the final review and closing social on Thursday! It will be really nice to share the space with everyone and see it in use.


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