Studio V Unite!

Monday was the Community Build Studios small group review. As one of the three students who is taking this studio again, I’d like to add a personal reflection.

The Spring 2019 small group review was held as a more formal presentation, with overall feedback at the end. But this time around we briefed the attendees on the project and one of our main points: the site. We then broke up into our groups for a round robin discussion to present our second main point: the design of the structure, which you can see in the following images.

Although we are not as familiar with each other’s projects (no thanks to the hurricane as well), this process allowed each group to have a deeper discussion about their design specifically. It allowed us to reflect and answer prior questions in our next presentation. It helped me understand the pros and cons of my groups design better. Whereas last semester I feel certain aspects of people’s projects were not addressed as we looked at them all at once. We then came together as a group to assess the site and projects altogether. I feel we were able to get solid feedback on high and low points.

It is now Wednesday, and we’ve all had time to let the feedback soak in, filter through what’s important, and consider how to move forward. Today’s class will be spent hashing all of this out as we come together as a group and move towards a final design. This is the time when participation and communication becomes extremely important, as twelve individuals’ methods and minds work to become one.

Studio V unite!

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