The beginning of construction!

Today marks the beginning of construction. It’s taken a lot to get to this point. We’ve made “real” construction drawings, which was the first time for numerous of my classmates; myself included, made "mock-ups" of certain aspects of our design, we’ve presented to the client Green Heart plenty, and we’ve also presented to the BAR; [...]

Structural Meeting

Yesterday we met with John Moore; a structural engineer who has helped us with past projects, to discuss and answer a few of our thoughts/questions. We decided to make a few minor changes; or “adjustments” if you will, that will not only make a sturdy, sound structure, but also further and solidify our design as [...]

Research Phase

As of right now the team and I are in the research phase. Meaning, everyone has received a topic pertaining to the site; and overall our project, to do a “deep dive” on. I was given the topic “Accessibility”, which involves making our structure usable to all, ranging from: the elderly with walkers/canes, wheelchair users, [...]