Weekend Warriors

This weekend we turned the air quality of the shop to 99% wood dust and filled the cigar factory with the faint smell of paint fumes. At studio V, the weekend is where we all have no other schedules happening so we can give our attention fully to the project- all day each day. This [...]

A Clemson All In (Shop)

Yesterday we were all busy in shop getting our form work ready for pour on Monday. This basically requires putting a big puzzle piece together of all of our cnc routed forms for our formwork. The key is to get the edges of the formwork as smooth as possible so that the programming can operate [...]

Let’s Get it Started

Over the weekend the whole team was out doing site work. This included laying down our measurements for our slab. We also started taking out bush limbs that would be too in the way. We also did a quick spray paint of our slab and where the structural bays would go. It was really cool [...]

Final Prep For the Small Group Review

On Friday during our studio we met and planned for our 9/16 Small Group Review. The review has invited members from Seamon Whiteside Landscape Architects, Green Heart, the Charleston Housing Authority, residents of the Enston Homes Neighborhood, and teachers from the nearby schools. With all of the people attending the review, we decided it would [...]

Finalizing Research

Our first presentation is tomorrow and we have spent the week researching and organizing our information. I was working on the precedents team and we looked at urban gardens, markets, storage, outdoor classrooms, and Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) certification. We found local examples and examples from around the world. Today we will be finalizing our [...]