Submitting to the Board of Architecture Review

Today we are submitting our BAR preliminary application. The BAR of Charleston is the first branch of a Board of Architecture Review in the country. This stems from a love for the preservation of historic architecture in Charleston by its citizens and designers. Since our site will be in the Enston Home, a site on the National Register of Historic Places, it is critical to show how we intend our design to be a respectful and positive addition. AKA They control what is designed in Charleston and we need to show why we deserve to contribute to this.

The BAR mainly focuses on design and material choices and less on use. It is made of a panel of elected designers who have worked in Charleston for many years and understand its history. As a part of our application we will be submitting site plans, elevations, plans, material details, a historical overview, and pictures of where the structure intends to be.

I am working on the street elevations of where our structure will be in relationship to the Homes on site. This will show what can be seen from King and Huger Street, which is not a very prominent view. However, once you are inside the neighborhood there are many view points from the homes. The structure will also be on a central street in the neighborhood stemming from gate arch to Memorial Hall.

This is all important for them to know because they need to understand the overall impact of our structure. This helps show that we are designing it to be a respectful addition, but its size in the first place is not big enough to disrupt the look of the Enston home. It will really just serve as more of a connection point between the neighborhood and the engagements with the community farm.

View from Huger and King Street.

View from street under arch.

View to intended placement of structure.

Aerial view of site.

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