Final Design Review Recap

We have officially made it through the Final Design Review and we are all excited about the positive feedback that we received from Green Heart. Some of the highlights from the review were that they loved the look and feel of our design. They said that it feels like a farm stand and love that it can double as a grand farmer’s market on the weekends. The tie between the historic site and the functionality of the structure marry well together. We were able to achieve this by creating a grand archway entrance with low storage techniques that allows for unobstructed views of the garden, Memorial Hall, and the King Street Arch entrance.

Along with positive feedback, we also took note of things that need some refining in order to work more efficiently within the structure. We will be taking a closer look at storage and how it functions within the space, our removable counters, how these storage components will be locked and unlocked, the overall structure heights and widths, our structural truss and piers, as well as an efficient way to collect rainwater for the garden’s use.

Moving forward into the week, we are gearing up to prepare our presentation and other required documents for our BAR meeting. Each person in studio has taken a task in order to send off a well put together document for the board to review. Our official BAR meeting is on October 10th, 2019. Aside from BAR preparation, we will be meeting with the structural engineer, John Moore, on Wednesday to really hash out the truss system that was used to create our grand archway.

In short, Studio V has a lot of work ahead, but we are excited and looking forward to refining our design! Stay tuned!

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