Studio V Dictionary

Another day another truss. Now that we have moved on to the “real deal” of truss fabrication, and everyone is up to speed on the actual process of building our amazing trusses, let’s talk a little bit about the mental preparation it takes to be a successful truss assembler, but most importantly, a Studio V member in general. This helpful guide will help you understand the expectations we are held to each day!

Before you can do ANYTHING you must define your terms to set the standards that everyone should abide by (this is to guide oneself through a strenuous and tedious process)

In order to be a successful Studio V member one must have:

1.) Determination

Firmness of purpose; resoluteness.

Determination is key when knowing you have a real client and a hard deadline. One must be determined to get the job done no matter the time or day…..and by this I mean…Every. Single. Day. Weekends included folks.

2.) Initiative 

The ability to assess and initiate things independently.

Initiative is a MUST in this studio. Everyone should have the initiative to go above and beyond each and every day so that we can stay on schedule, but most importantly, to get the job done RIGHT. Sometimes this means taking it upon yourself to go the extra mile. This quality is vital to a successful Studio V group because detail and schedule are everything!

3.) Diligence

Having or showing care and conscientiousness in one’s work or duties.

Being diligent is something you can’t forget in the Studio V environment. Every detail is a part of the master plan and all directions must be followed. With no diligence, mistakes are bound to happen and we have to be at the top of our game 24/7!

And finally….

4.) Priority

A thing that is regarded as more important than another.

If you are a Studio V member, studio takes priority above all. It sounds crazy, but if we don’t put most of our efforts into designing and building an amazing structure then we are bound to run into issues. The process runs so smoothly when everyone puts this project at the top of their list and gives their full efforts every day!

Once you have an understanding of the expectations of a Studio V member from these “Fabulous” four terms, you can now mentally prepare for the hectic semester that lies before you…. but for us…. the hectic two and a half weeks we have left to blow you away with our incredible Enston Home Farm Stand design!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Studio V member?

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