Divide and Conquer !

On Wednesday, Studio V divided into two groups to maximize class time; eight of us on site and four in the wood shop.  Keep scrolling to see all that was accomplished yesterday!


Another day, another concrete pour…  Since the formwork for 1 of the 10 piers didn’t survive the last concrete pour, we had to remove the existing concrete to set new formwork and bracing.  While the other 9 piers were standing tall, there was still a decent amount of patchwork needed to fill gaps and reinforcement.  Yesterday, the 10th pier was successfully poured, screws and adhesive were placed in the gaps of the other 9 piers, and concrete patching began!  In the coming days, a tinted putty mix will be applied to the exterior walls of each pier, for a smooth finish before we build the trusses on-site.  That means programmatic shelving and seating components are soon to follow… BUT FIRST we need paint approval from the BAR.  Below you will see our options… will we choose complimentary or contrasting colors?  No need to hold your breath for long, because that answer will be here in less than a week.



Another day, another assembly line…  After a successful truss mockup was placed on-site Monday, numbers were recalculated in preparation for yesterday.  Ipe has finally been cut, neatly piled, labeled, and strategically placed around the woodshop as the truss gluing schedules are created.  Top chords, check!  Wings, check!  Boomerangs, in progress!  Next week all these pieces should be out on-site for an orchestrated assembly of our 5 truss structural system.  Be sure to stop by our blog in a few days, to see us charge through our mini-week before Thanksgiving break!

Stay tuned with Studio V…

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