This week has been a hectic one... but definitely one for the books for Studio V!  Keep scrolling to see our three highlights over the past couple days! First and foremost... a very special thank you to The Green Heart Project and The Charleston Housing Authority, for this grand opportunity!  Don Cameron, of The Charleston [...]

Divide and Conquer !

On Wednesday, Studio V divided into two groups to maximize class time; eight of us on site and four in the wood shop.  Keep scrolling to see all that was accomplished yesterday! On-Site: Another day, another concrete pour...  Since the formwork for 1 of the 10 piers didn't survive the last concrete pour, we had [...]

Concrete Pour #2 Complete

Yesterday was Studio V's second concrete pour of the semester!  After a weekend of digging and tamping dirt, laying plastic, strategically placing a rebar grid, and setting the forms for the piers... time for concrete!  Now that the slab is completed, we are moving into the shop to begin building the formwork for the piers.  [...]

Scheduling Time!

Construction is right around the corner... and Studio V is closing out the week with shop drawings, and tallying material quantities!  This week I have spent a great deal of time organizing a master schedule for the final eight weeks of the semester.  This spreadsheet is ranging from design components, such as finalizing storage elements, [...]


Today is Studio V's Final Design Review! After a long weekend of decision making, designing, and model making... the design proposal for the William Enston Home Farm Stand is complete!  The Green Heart Project, The Charleston Housing Authority, and representatives from the City of Charleston's Board of Architectural Review, will be at today's review to [...]

In the homestretch…

Studio V is working hard in preparation for Review #2 on Monday!  As the four teams of three students narrow down their ideas, 3D digital models are composed and will soon be translated into physical scaled models for the clients to explore. My team is focusing on a 4-ft grid system to base the program's [...]

Friday Review here we come!!!

This week Studio V is preparing for Review #1.  This Friday we will present and discuss our research with The Green Heart Project and The Charleston Housing Authority.  We will cover topics ranging from: An overview of our collaborators (The Green Heart Project, American College of the Building Arts, and The Charleston Housing Authority), and [...]