Friday Review here we come!!!

This week Studio V is preparing for Review #1.  This Friday we will present and discuss our research with The Green Heart Project and The Charleston Housing Authority.  We will cover topics ranging from:

  • An overview of our collaborators (The Green Heart Project, American College of the Building Arts, and The Charleston Housing Authority), and the schools involved (James Simons Elementary, Charleston Catholic, Charleston Charter School for Math & Science)
  • Brief history and necessary preservation guidelines for The William Enston Homes Community
  • Climate and site conditions
  • Building methods: timber frame construction, and a snapshot of previous Studio V builds
  • Garden techniques: tools and records storage, sinks/cleaning stations, food and refrigeration storage, and GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) requirements
  • Precedent studies: Urban Gardens, Outdoor Classrooms, Farmer’s Markets, and Accessibility

Stay tuned. . .

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