This week has been a hectic one… but definitely one for the books for Studio V!  Keep scrolling to see our three highlights over the past couple days!

First and foremost… a very special thank you to The Green Heart Project and The Charleston Housing Authority, for this grand opportunity!  Don Cameron, of The Charleston Housing Authority, informed us that our Farm Stand/Manager’s Station, has been nominated with the rest of the William Enston Home property for the National Registry of Historic Places!  Studio V had a successful Final Design Review, and lots of great feedback and news… however, the project is not quite done.  We have some alterations to make to the storage and programmatic components of the design, and oh, yeah where’s the gutter?


That leads me our second note… this morning we got a visit from the Gutter Boyz SC, who educated us on the process of choosing and installing a gutter system properly!  Learning about the correct brackets to choose, since our roof does not have fascia board, and understanding importance of epoxy versus soldering components together.




As we wrap up all our work this week, I just want to thank everyone for a great studio experience!  And last but not least… Congratulations to 2 of our graduate students, Libby Pelzel and Chloe Voltaire, for the awards they received last night for their outstanding work in our studio this semester!


Stay tuned with Studio V…

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