Vertical Piers and Form Work Fun!

Concrete pour #2 is complete and now we are on to working on the vertical piers! I have had a close hand in creating templates for the rebar that will be tying together all of our vertical piers. The rebar ties are going to be extremely critical to our piers because when the concrete is poured, we can’t have any rebar too close to the edge. Exposed rebar within our piers will cause major rusting issues. Any pieces of rebar that extrude from the surface will come in contact with the elements. This causes the entire piece of rebar to rust within the concrete pier which poses structural issues to the overall structure.

In order to make sure this problem doesn’t occur, we have done calculations on how tall, long, and where the rebar needs to be bent. We will also be renting a rebar tier to make sure that the ties are accurate and tight, alleviating any pieces being too loose.

Along with our rebar tying, we will also begin building our form work for the vertical piers. There was an intricate layout within the form work that allows us to create benches and counter tops for the Farm Manager’s Station. Chloe and her team have been working long and hard on these form work pieces and we are excited to bring her creation to life!

Rebar Counts!


Here are some sneak peaks of our Vertical Pier Form Work!


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