Iterations upon Iterations upon Iterations…

Hi everyone! We are back with another exciting update on our journey here at the CAC.C. As mentioned previously in our blogs, we are working towards a final design to present to the faculty and students at Edith L. Frierson Elementary school on Wadmalaw Island.

The weekend was a whirlwind of emotions as we came together as a group of 13 in the hopes of creating a final design. Some of our classmates, like I, were virtual for most of the design process last week, making things tough for collaboration but we utilized programs like Zoom and Miro to tackle those issues. We looked at various iterations made since Friday and combined our interests with the feedback we received from the Frierson staff previously. We collectively designed iterations for us to progress through and this weekend led us to two variations.

We are excited to explore those options and hope to combine the two into one design. This process of narrowing various iterations down into one final design is a long and complicated process but so worth the time when it comes to producing an effective design for a deserving client. We look forward to keeping you updated so stay tuned for more blog posts!


– Until next time!

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