Review Time!

This past Monday was our first major review in studio V. I think it went very well, we had great feedback on pretty much all of the components in the review of Cropstop 2.0. My specific part was the initial electrical and plumbing layouts. The reason I chose these areas is because I have a [...]


The studio was once again split up into smaller teams to finish us the semester. A small group of the Crop Stop team went to Greenville to finishing up the build. The remainder of the studio stayed in Charleston, one half doing construction drawings and worked on the mock up, and the other half hashing out [...]

The fusion

Again, we separated into two groups to explore the maximum possibilities of roofs structures and materials, using strategies before we put everything together as one final design. But actually, the fundamental design decisions of plans and spaces that the two groups have made are logically similar. The reason are mainly because of the research that [...]

The Big Picture

  The studio has broken up into six groups of twos to start designing for our assigned regions.  My partner Alex and I are designing for the Heartland Region, which spans Massachusetts, Nevada, and Oregon. Because this region contains the most diverse terrain and climate of any US region, we struggled to find a site [...]


In inheriting the Crop Stop, our team had to dig some holes to get to the roots of what was done before so we can take the project to the next level.  This acquainted us with the nature and scale of what we are trying to accomplish by the end of the semester, and beyond [...]

In a “Door” Jam!

As we move forward from our review on Wednesday, it is time to get to work on the details of the project. There are plenty to choose from, from the roof structure to the ADA ramp. However, we have been challenged to figure out the best way to enter into the kitchen. The first thought [...]

Crunch Time!!!

We met as a studio today in order to talk more about the roof. We had some helpful insight from Ray Huff about how many of our ideas can get complicated for us to build let alone some one with no design experience. Then we came to the realization that one roof is the best [...]

More Roofs and Such

While we did not have studio today, Studio V met as a group to further advance our design for the shed.  Things we wanted to look more at included materials, the ROOF, and how the counter spaces would operate, especially the island in the middle.  In terms of materials, we were specifically looking at the [...]

On The Way Rosebank ---- To get experience through the practice, on-the-spot investigation and case study are always shortcut for architects. So we visit Rosebank this afternoon to learn some ideas about a certificated GAP shed, actually I wish I could have done this field trip at the beginning of this semester. FloorPlan----Nicole’s plan combines modular and [...]